Are there any man hair salons in Dubai?

Are there any man hair salons in Dubai?

Since Dubai is a city with endless possibilities and opportunities, we highly recommend you to start residing here and get one of the apartments for sale in City walk Dubai. Besides, great food places and shopping centres, Dubai is also the hub of excellent man salons.

Man Salons are important, especially in the cities like Dubai, because they are the only places that men could find some solace in an urban jungle like Dubai. In addition to grooming men, men’s salons also provide a haven where men can relax amidst the stressful days, sip coffee and listen to music.

Furthermore, most men’s salons in Dubai also offer you to take advantage of the relatively more straight razor shaves. Therefore besides being offered the closest shave possible, you can also enjoy the signature treatment of razor shave in Dubai.

Since it is important to consult a hairstylist before you could get any haircut, Dubai offers you the best hairstylists that have hailed in Dubai from all around the world. Consequently, by living in this city you could consult state-of-the-art trained professionals. The only trouble you would face is the language barrier because English is not the first language of the majority of Emaritis. However, as long you are clear about what you want and be smart about explaining it all to them, you are likely to face little to no hurdle.

All in all, there is a plethora of extraordinary men’s salons in Dubai, where some are regular barbershops while others are no less than luxury men’s lounges. As long you are in Dubai you can be completely assured that the health authority in Dubai checks every standard licensed salon, so they can be completely certain that all the tools and instruments are properly sterilized.

Since there are so many great men salons in Dubai, it can be hard to choose the best for, therefore in this blog, we have compiled all the best salons you can find in Dubai.

  1. Barber Akin and Shop

This barbershop is becoming the number one choice of most men in Dubai as it offers innovative cuts and shaves. It is well-designed and is a haven where you get guys from all over Dubai to come to get their beard tune-ups and straight razor shaves and a lot more. Furthermore, it sits right at the heart of Sheikh Zayed Road, so you would have no trouble finding it.

Since Dubai is filled with several luxury hairstyling shops, Barber Akin and Shop is a  refreshing addition because of the contemporary ambience. You are also served a great cup of coffee in its smart surroundings.

  1. Chaps and Co Barbershop

This great barbershop offers an immaculate masculine setting and provides traditional services of premium quality. Although this salon was opened back in 2015 and was initially given vintage style, the owner has recently modernized it. Now this, men’s salon looks even cooler than before and now a lot more customers are attracted to it.

  1. Gentleman’s Tonic

This gentle barbershop is downright a cut above the rest. This barbershop is not only famous in Dubai but has its branches all in other metropolitical cities like New Delhi, London and Hong Kong. Besides highly skilled professionals, the Gentleman’s Tonic gives you exotic surroundings of The Palm. The philosophy of this salon is simply to offer exceptional services coupled with subtle elegance.

One of the special services of Gentleman’s Tonic is the Royal Shave that includes pre-shave oil application, a complete facial mask and finally a post-shave massage. All of these steps are designed to give you cleaner facial skin and regenerate the tissues.

  1. Beats and Cuts

This amazing hair salon brings its customers an ultra-traditional barbershop experience all the while keeping the surrounding in contemporary red and black. Besides, the interior design of Beats and Cuts is famous for giving the trims to celebrities like Jay Sean, Shaggy and Will Smith. To put it short, Beats and Cuts proudly ticks all the boxes a man considers will choosing a hair salon for himself.

Besides, a great hair salon for men, Dubai has extraordinary gyms and everything else an alpha male dreams in his perfect heaven. So make your dream house turn into reality and get a penthouse for sale in Dubai