Here’s Why Online Classes Are Getting Popular Day-by-Day

Online learning is not only a trend today but also much more needed than ever before. In present times of such cut-throat competition, everyone wants to be on the top. Here let’s talk about what has made online education become so preferred.


Earlier, learning had been about face-to-face interaction between teachers and students in a brick-and-mortar environment. Digitization and high-speed internet connectivity have brought a lot of positive changes in terms of how our world works. Learning through online classes is one such advantage. Let’s have a look at the benefits of online learning.

Why Online Learning?


  1. Comfort and Safety

Online learning offers much more convenience, flexibility and safety as compared to the traditional form of learning. Students can learn from the comfort of their homes when they learn online.


  1. Live interaction

Online classes are conducted live i.e. the teacher and students are both present virtually and can interact just like face-to-face interaction without being physically at the same place.


  1. Individual attention

Students can have better individual attention and personalised learning experience through online learning as usually, the number of students is not very high per online class session.


  1. Your choice of Teachers

One might not be able to choose which teacher they want to get taught by but online platforms may offer students this choice as well.


  1. A wider range of programs

Online classes provide learning opportunities for various levels and disciplines. There are more options, class level, etc. on online learning platforms.


  1. More accessible

Traditional teaching-learning methods meant that students need to be present at a particular location at a specific time. Students would travel to and from that location to attend the class.

Online learning has made this much easier. One can now study and practice anywhere. And, one can revise topics and sessions at any time. Online classes are accessible from remote locations.


  1. Light on pockets

Online classes are comparatively more pocket friendly. Students get to save on the time as well as on additional costs they incur while travelling to and from the classes. Even the fees for online classes is lesser than the offline coaching classes.



Those were a few reasons why online learning can be your best option to learn extensively and effectively. There are many other advantages of online classes which are listed in the linked article. BYJU’S, India’s most loved learning app, is offering online classes for students of primary, secondary and senior secondary classes as well as for competitive examinations.

BYJU’S also conducts regular assessments for students so that they and their parents can track the progress of their learning.


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