HTC Desire HD – Better Than HTC Desire?

If you’re searching out a phone that can make you movie and edit HD films, the Nokia N8 is the touch screen cell smartphone that you were seeking out. With this telephone, you’re at the director’s seat. You can direct, shoot, and edit with a device that suits in the palm of your hand.


Whenever you notice something this is really worth recording or whenever you need to degree a scene, this mobile smartphone has the whole lot you may ever want. It comes nicely equipped with the contemporary improvements in cellular digicam generation to be able to make your videos not anything however high first-rate.

The phone comes with a 12 MP digital digital camera that dwarfs other cameras integrated into different gadgets. This will result in 720p HD high-quality resolution in an effort to make you shoot sixteen:9 HD movies. You additionally get to revel in 3x virtual zoom. If ever you may be shooting in damaging lights situations, it comes with its personal video light. This will come up with high fine movies either at night time or interior.


The high-quality of the films recorded in this mobile contact screen phone does no longer end with the telephone’s effective lens and features. If you want to make very last touches for your movies, the Nokia N8 comes with equipment so one can sincerely do the process.

The N8 comes with video enhancing software program so that it will deliver your movies a more professional contact. These upgrades will actually make your films more high satisfactory. People who watch you movies will by no means realize which you recorded your motion pictures on a mobile tool.

Share With The World

Just as soon as you finish record a WhatsApp call  filming or editing, you may without difficulty share your masterpieces with the sector. You can without problems add your films on YouTube and allow each person see your Nokia N8 recoded HD movies. By doing this, you let all people inside the international recognise which you have a expertise for recording videos.

These days, maximum cell cellphone fashions permit you to file motion pictures and shop them within the cellphone’s memory or microSD playing cards. However, this phone takes this feature a step further. Not best do you get advanced hardware for recording films; you also get video editing software program with a view to similarly decorate excellent.

Not many phones can come close to what this cellular phone can do on the subject of filming HD films. This is how you document HD masterpieces at the Nokia N8.